About Us

With local technology
natural recycling...

Biogranul is a pioneering brand in Turkey, sensitive to resource shortages. It sets out to produce innovative solutions for waste problems worldwide.

A New Era in Disposable Products

Biogranul is ushering in a brand new era with its products that return to nature and are made entirely from natural dust…

Why Biogranul

The return of what comes from nature
to nature...

We convert hazelnut, almond, wood dust, walnut, apricot, corn cob, olive pit, and natural waste into powder and produce composite products.

We Collect Natural Waste

We Collect Natural Waste

We take all natural waste that can be turned into granules and clean them at our facilities built entirely with domestic technology.

We Transform into Granules

We Transform into Granules

We convert these wastes into processable dust using machines developed by ourselves.

Composite Products from Dust

Composite Products from Dust

We produce products from natural dust that will return to nature. All of our products are made from recyclable materials that can be returned to nature.


We Collect...

We take natural waste, such as hazelnut, walnut, and almond shells, which are abundantly produced in our country, and turn them into tea...

We turn them into dust.

We clean the natural raw material without any processing and turn it into dust.


Environmentally Friendly Products

The natural dust is transformed into composite products using methods developed by ourselves.


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